The Ryan School of Irish Dance


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Our team is made up of Tony Davoren, former singer and musician with Riverdance, Tony owns Irish Guy Landscaping in Lafayette and is married to Sheila Ryan Davoren, a former dancer with Riverdance and owner of the Ryan School of Irish Dance; Joe Ledesma is an Irish dancer with over 18 years of competitive Irish Dancing at the regional, national and international levels since the age of 11. Joe is a dance instructor with the Ryan School of Irish Dance; Alan Gorman, born and raised in Ireland with a Bachelor and a Master of Engineering from the University College of Dublin. He is married to Mimi and they have three daughters, all of whom are competitive Irish dancers; Sean Taylor, born in London, and is an industrial chemist. Sean is married to Maria and their 17 year old daughter, Sarah, has danced competitively both locally and regionally for the past ten years.