The Haggerty Brothers


Number of Votes: 581

The Haggerty Brothers consists of Deacon Daniel, Michael, Patrick, Timothy, Edward and Bryan. We were selected as the joint Grand Marshals for the 2018 Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New Orleans. The Haggerty family roots in the Irish Channel run deep, beginning with Dennis Barry Haggerty, our great-great-grandfather. The impact of the Haggerty family has had on the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana over the years is very notable. From working with the Catholic Church to volunteering to serve their city, state and country in numerous ways. The Brothers have all served in the military as well as law enforcement.

The Ronald McDonald House Men In Kilts event is celebrating its fifth year. After leading the St. Patrick’s Day Parade last year, we were congratulated on the uniqueness of six brothers sharing the Grand Marshall honors. We were proud to have received complements from people as far away as Ireland. Then we heard about the Ronald McDonald House Men In Kilts fundraiser. We were encouraged to enter the competition because we were a sight to behold and would surely earn a lot of money for this great cause.

The Brothers declared that this competition was right up our alley and we had a clear shot at winning for these families. So we are in the competition and we challenge all who appreciate the great work of Ronald McDonald House to vote “early and often” for us six humble Irishmen.